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9 Restaurants That Rock Their Careers Pages

Adam McKibbin Adam McKibbin | May 02, 2018


9 Restaurants That Rock Their Careers Pages

Adam McKibbin Adam McKibbin | May 02, 2018

9 Restaurants That Rock Their Careers Pages

A careers page is obviously a smart place to show off your open positions and to help candidates get into the application process. But it's also an invaluable showcase for your brand and your culture - and can be an important factor when candidates are comparing you to other options. 

But let me show and not tell. Here are some effective careers pages that are helping restaurants of various sizes put their best foot forward with curious candidates. 


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1. Dos Toros

Your job descriptions may do a perfect job of outlining the responsibilities and requirements associated with your open positions, but candidates will still research your company. They want to learn about more than just the job. They want to learn about you

The Dos Toros page does an excellent job of conveying the lively personality of a brand that recently had Andrew W.K. dishing up tacos and guac in Chicago. (Check out their video for "Quesadilla Love" for a taste.) Sometimes brands have outsized personalities on social or in stores, but then their careers pages look like an anonymous insurance company. Not the case here. 


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2. Noodles & Company

There's a lot to like about the Noodles page. There's a slick video that explains the different types of roles on the team. There's a detailed explanation of perks. There's even a separate "Life at Noodles" blog that profiles employees and digs into the proper classification of zucchini. 

I also really like how they lead with a mission statement that then moves into how they can help you, the candidate/employee ("We’ll help you pursue your passions and get involved with the community you serve. We’re a company that cares and it shows"). 


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3. Chipotle

There's a good bit of helpful information on Chipotle's site, whether you are looking for a job in a store or at the corporate HQ. There's a great benefits section - the sort of highlight that can really make a difference when your candidates are weighing their options. 

I really like their focus on career path. Candidates can see how their salary and benefits package will progress as they move up the ranks. This is a great combination of wage transparency and demonstrating commitment to career growth.


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4. Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms does a great job of emphasizing its people - and making clear that "their people" is a big umbrella that includes not just employees and customers, but farms and vendors, too. Their well-produced video drives their philosophy home, and gives candidates a chance to see some of the faces behind the magic. 


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5. California Chicken Cafe

Full disclosure: CCC is a Workpop customer, yes, but I also have a longstanding and passionate personal relationship with them that far pre-dates either of us being involved with Workpop. Specifically, I'm in love with their Chinese Chicken Salad.

As such, I get happy going into one of their locations - and their careers page has a similarly welcoming vibe. It's bright, clean and uncomplicated - and gives candidates an understanding of the CCC story and what they expect from employees. 


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6. Culver's

Culver's, too, offers a wealth of information on their page: a company history and information on various staff support programs (they pay particular attention to e-learning courses for employees). 

One simple thing I like: a clear explanation of the different roles they may have available at your local Culver's. One restaurant's "team member" may have different responsibilities than another's, so this is a smart way to handle expectation-setting right off the bat. 


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7. Cali Comfort BBQ

On average, companies spend around $50,000 on redesigning their careers pages to stay competitive. Smaller places with fewer locations may reasonably think, then, that a careers page isn't for them. But candidates are going to ask Google about you, whether you run a single location or a location on every corner. 

Telling your story matters. Cali Comfort takes a simple and very effective approach: their owner, Shawn Walchef, gets on camera and talks about his restaurant - and what he wants to see from candidates. He packs a lot of information into a single minute. It's a personal and engaging way to welcome candidates. 


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8. Cracker Barrel

It's smart to tell the story of your founders, especially if it helps you paint the picture of a unique vision or standout culture. I also always enjoy it when companies tell the stories of their employees, like how Cracker Barrel prominently features a couple of managers. Help put faces and names to future teammates, and help candidates envision their possible path forward with you as an employer. 

As a completely unrelated bonus: I really like that you can buy vinyl at Cracker Barrel. 


Black Bear Diner careers page

9. Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner puts the smile front and center - not just with a photo, but with an explanation of why you will be happy working there. The page goes on to list some specific qualities that make candidates a good fit for the Black Bear culture. And there's a lot of bear-centric wordplay, but don't let that paw-se your application. 

To recap, here are some of the big things that can make a difference on your careers page:

  1. Your mission statement
  2. Your origin story
  3. Photos and stories featuring current employees
  4. Wage transparency
  5. Information about benefits and perks
  6. Detailed information about specific roles
  7. Clean design (it's great to have a lot of information, but it shouldn't get in the way of candidates easily figuring out how to apply to your jobs) 
  8. Personality!
  9. A personalized video (doesn't need to have pricy production value)

A great careers page shouldn't have to break the bank. We introduced Workpop-hosted Careers Pages for all of our customers. Easy setup, free hosting, and no need to involve overpriced developers or designers! Check out our Help Center for more information on setting up yours! 

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